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Everything Potatoes, Inc. (EPI) decides in 2013 that it will endeavor to produce the highest quality organic seed to organic potato producers and/or home gardeners. This commitment comes out of a passion from our family to produce, consult, or bridge needs with potato families and consumers worldwide. EPI is one segment that allows varieties, consumers would never see, or special varieties, to be introduced to a myriad of new markets or households.

Producing high quality potato seed takes special needs and with that in mind; we selected an area in Southwestern Idaho to produce year one in 2013. The first step was to find that special place. EPI decided on a parcel of ground that had been fallow for years.

The last crop was a cereal crop in 2009 raised conventionally and no conventional fertilizers or chemicals were used. Before that it was a greenhouse-produced minituber field so always sterile soil produced those potato crops. Potatoes are a clonal crop, so it contains risks from carrying adhering soil to the next crop produced from the cutting of an “eye”! Before potatoes, the area was grassland for millenniums. This was the ideal place for the first year of EPI! Certified seed potatoes!

One application of Entrust, organic copper sulfate and an organic broad spectrumed foliar nutrient spray, was added once by Helicopter for aphids, early blight and to offset any different nutrient need of the five different varieties. Water was applied by solid set irrigation and cultivation and hand hoeing for weeds was the primary form of hilling. No lenticels were on the skin of the potatoes prior to each subsequent irrigations. Field was rogued weekly with scouting to insure customers receive high quality, organic, certified seed.

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  • “...to date the tubers from you are far nicer in appearance over all than those from most other sources.  congratulations on doing such an outstanding job!”


    ​Geoffrey Pomeroy


  • “I got my French Fingerling seed potatoes from these folks…very nice to do business with.http://everythingpotatoes.com/seed-varieties


    Ann Ryder


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